A Conversation with Peter Linebaugh


This week TAO RUSPOLI caught up with historian Peter Linebaugh after a talk he gave at USC on the “Red Atlantic”. They discussed the slave trade, the Magna Carta, civil rights, self-government, the state of the left, and much, much more.

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Peter Linebaugh teaches history at the University of Toledo. He is the author of two of CounterPunch’s favorite books, The London Hanged and (with Marcus Rediker) The Many-Headed Hydra: the Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic. His essay on the history of May Day is included in Serpents in the Garden. He can be reached at: plineba@yahoo.com

TAO RUSPOLI is a filmmaker and photographer. See his work at www.ruspoli.com Subscribe to his mailing list here. Send comments to taoruspoli [at] gmail.com
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