Coal-Powered Democrats

Behold, the global warmth of cold hard cash.

Behold, the so-called reform-minded Democrats.

Behold, the flow of dirty money from the coal industry to House Democrats ­ just as they are about to craft legislation to “address” global warming.

Address the ball, Rick Boucher.

Rick Boucher (D-Virginia) is the House Democrats point person on global warming.

He is chair of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality.

Above him sits John Dingell, chairman of the full committee.

If the House leadership thinks they are going to get anything worth voting for past Dingell (Mr. Automobile) and Boucher (Mr. Mining) ­ they’re ­ well, they’re just being Democrats.

Just to drive the point home, next week the coal lobby is hosting a $1,000 a plate breakfast fundraiser for Chairman Boucher.

This week, the coal industry is testifying before Boucher’s subcommittee.

According to the breakfast invitation, the fundraiser is being sponsored by Arch Coal Company PAC, Consol Energy PAC, Foundation Coal PAC, National Mining Association PACs, and Peabody Energy PACs.

It will be held March 20 at 8:30 a.m. at the National Mining Association, 101 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Suite 500 East, Washington, D.C.

Suggested contribution ­ $1,000.

Please make check payable to Boucher for Congress Committee.

“We are entering a crucial time period for decisions on what the House is going to do about global warming,” said Clean Air Watch’s Frank O’Donnell ­ who unearthed the invitation. “The coal industry wants to remind Boucher that they have been loyal supporters and to keep their interests in mind. I have little doubt that he will.”

“Boucher is no political virgin when it comes to campaign contributions,” O’Donnell says. “The mining industry gave him more than $48,000 during the last election cycle ­ more than any other House Democrat.”

Boucher told reporters last week that he and Dingell “are determined to fashion legislation that addresses global warming and do it in a very constructive way ­ and our committee has jurisdiction over this.”

O’Donnell’s translation: If the coal boys cough up enough money, I will be sure to protect their interests.

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