January 2007

A Legacy of Torture

3003 Funerals

Clash of the Elites

Roger Noriega’s New Gig

Growing the Military

A Challenge to Nancy Pelosis

Americans Voted for Peace

3003 Funerals

Growing the Military

Roger Noriega’s New Gig

Workers Centers and Unions

Americans Voted for Peace

The Great Relaxer

The Great Relaxer

U.S. Nuclear Supremacy Couldn’t Prevent 9/11

So This is Plan B?

The Rain of Riches

The Martyrdom of Saddam Hussein

Has Regime Change Boomeranged?

Report from Oaxaca

A Guide to Earmarks

Can Eli Lilly be Held Criminally Liable for Zyprexa?

Can the US Kill Iraqi Children Legally?

Carter’s Truths

Hail the Hangman, Jail the Cameraman!

Wrapped Around a Bullet

Dispatch from the Chinese Landfill

A Lose-Lose Situation With Iran

No Worker is Illegal

Under the Brown Cloud

Dead Wrong

A Slavish Hostility Toward Cuba

Bush Cuts and Runs from Reason

Somali: New Hotbed of Anti-Americanism

Oil Inferno

Pushing the Wedge in Palestine

Appetites for Destruction

The Tyrant is Dead! Long Live … ?

A Deadly December

Oil Inferno

The Saddam Hussein Execution Video

Global Food Security

Return of the Warlords

The Future of Israel as Nation State

Iron Man, Tin God

Eliot Spitzer’s Constitutional Hang Up