January 2007

How Israel Enforces “Demographic Separation”

Barack Obama: The Mania and the Mirage

Don’t let him off the Hook

Amos Gitaï’s Kedma

Zionism in the Cinema – Part One

Protest From A Bad Cripple

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A Horse is Worth More Than Riches

Democracy: Everywhere and Nowhere

"Out of altitude, airspeed and ideas"

Towards Oil at $200 a Barrel

Obama and the Middle East The Next Big Bamboozler

What’s In It For Bush?

Vibrant as the Paint on the Walls

Can World Trade Ever Be Fair?Back to Keynes!

The Year of the Pig

The Pieces Are Being Put in Place

Further Along the Dead-End Road

Why Time is not on Bush’s Side

Part 2

Stimson’s Outrageous Threat

Resist Thanatos! Celebrate Eros!

Umm Heyder’s Story

Another War the Voters Hoped to End

Gore Vidal in Havana

Only Impeachment Can Stop Him

The Class War’s New Map

Johnny Got His Gun

The Israel Lobby Trips and Tilts

The Last Gasp of Brute Force?

Not About Free Speech

"21,500 More Troops"

Beyond the Surge

A Day of Action and Questions

Negroponte’s Latest Gig

What Bush Really Said

The Ironies of Bush and Iraq

Rogue State, Redux

Holiday Hypocrisy

Less Than Zero

"The most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietman, if it’s carried out!"

Playing Politics with Drug Reimportation

Celebrating the "Sum of the World" in Chiapas

Bush’s Domestic Sex Policy

The Secrets in Eli Lilly’s Cabinet

Show and Tell at the IRS

Bush’s Iraq Plan: Surge or Gusher?

Carter’s Inconvenient Truths

Refugee Dreams