December 2006

Iraq is Beyond Repair

Are Cows Free?

Baker’s Rescue Mission

Hungry for the Holidays

Corporations Control Your Dinner

America’s Injustice System is Criminal

Knocking Opportunity

The Last Man of the Junta

Torture, Impeachment and a Vietnam Vet’s Tears

Our Perverse Farm Plan

Convicted for Our Convictions

Abusive Interrogations

Baker’s Cake

Is the USA the Center of the World?

The Cruel Line into Gaza

There’s Only One Option Left: Leave

Banning Mandela

Poetic Justice for Pinochet

Lebanon on the Brink

An Urgent Message on the Disappeared of Oaxaca

The Condor Model

Burning Books at Harvard Law

Out of Iraq

The Legacy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

My South American Journey

The James Gang

The Donkey and the Date

Recommendation No. 80

The Vietnamization of Iraq

John Engler’s Trail of Destruction

What I’m Listening to This Week

Liberal Consensus Hardens for More Troops to Iraq; Meet Senator Slither; Farewell, Jeane Kirkpatrick

A Congress of Hucksters and Pipsqueaks

How Many More Will Die for Bush’s Ego?

A Bi-Partisan Occupation

Robert Gates and Venezuela

Silenced for Telling the Truth

Crash and Burn

Activating White Racism

James Baker Versus the Lobby

Mid-Wife of the Neocons

Pastor Haggard and President Bush

Smearing Jimmy Carter

What Went Wrong at Pfizer?

Just How Progressive is the Congressional Black Caucus?

What She Wore

The Iraq Study Group Report’s Cautious Appraisal

Senate Democrats Give Gates a Free Pass

Mr. Lieberman Comes to Washington

The Media Lynching of Jimmy Carter