December 2006

In Harm’s Way

Injustice in Black and White

The New Iraq Policy: Escalation

Saddam at the End of a Rope

Can You Imagine the Long War for Iraqis?

Hanging With Saddam

Bush’s MLK Day Speech, 2007

Ahoy 2007! It Just Could Be Bobby Byrd’s Year

New Year’s Resolutions for Big Pharma

Defend Illegal Immigrants

The Prospects for Progressive Politics

A Nation Soaked in Blood Tears Itself Apart

Comes Now the Ghost of "Decrim"

The Sigh of the Oppressed

Dying for Our Sins

The New Dark Age

The War on Terror Hits Africa

Executing Saddam, Protecting the Rackets

Did Sharon Order the Assassination of Arafat?

An Act of Contrition

Who Owns Ikea?

Listening to James Brown and His Followers

The Third Degree

The Nation is Locked in a Spousal Abuse Relationship

Curb Your Environmentalism

The Dershowitz Treatment

The Re-Talibanization of Afghanistan

World Responds to Palestinian Family’s Jailing Despite Media Blackout

The Secrets in Ikea’s Closet

Stand Up for Herod!

A Tale of Two Sisters

The Ludicrous Attacks on Jimmy Carter’s Book

A Year of Unprecedented Turmoil

Palestinian Immigrant Jailings in Texas

Highway Robbery

I’m Going to Stay Right Here

Washington and Miami’s Favorite Terrorist

Saving Caracas

Why Hope?

Farewell to Our Greatest President

Burning EPA’s Books

Journey to Vietnam

Is There a Sunni Majority in Iraq?

Why Hope?

Chile: the Ghosts of Torture

Dershowitz vs. Carter in Beantown

The Golem Lives

Why Santa Was Hot in China This Year

James Brown: Please Don’t Go

Cowboys Differ on Iran Attack