November 2006

Bush’s Carnival of Blood

The Genocide Election

A Guilty Verdict on America, as Well

The Venezuela Factor

A Guilty Verdict on America, as Well

Torture Memories

War Timing and Opportunism

The Left and the Environment

Watching the Guards

The Message of Campaign 2006

Silk Road to Ruin

Ohio Redux

The Obama Myth

Family Values in the Pulpit, Meth and Gay Prostitutes in the Hotel Suite

Celebrity Colonialism in Africa

Growth Slows, Housing Fizzles

The Beastly Bombing

The Banana Election

Failure Across All Fronts

How the US Lost Latin America

Talking Victory in Iraq, When There is Only Defeat

Political Players

10 Years of Legalized Medical Marijuana in California

This is an Emergency

The US Body Count in Iraq: an Analysis of Who is Dying and How