From Rummy to Rahmmy

Ooh boy, it looks like Bob Novak found a new highly placed source. His deceased partner Stan Evans was always the one with the contacts.

Bob was the grinder and hyperkinetic TV performer. He was an eye witness to hsitory when Bush Sr. puked up his sushi in Japan. While Stan was back in Washington luxuriating at “The Club” or hob nobbing with Arab Sheiks.

But Evans is gone and looked what happened to poor Bob when he tried to play with the big boys: He almost got indicted!

But it appears that Bob has another rising star to ride, Rahm Emanuel. No doubt Bob will get double-crossed in the end. Other former “inside sources” of Novak: James Carville, and William Kristol back when Carville was off a fresh win getting Robert P. Casey elected with the famous “guru” TV ad in Pennsylvania and when Kristol had parlayed his third rate mind and first right connections into a gig as Dan Quayle’s press secretary.

Old Bob was really flacking for Kristol after Quayle got dumped and Kristol was starting up the Weekly Standard. You’d see things in his column like: That reminds me of what my good friend Bill Kristol has been saying: We need new ideas etc. etc.

The point is Novak’s carrying a lot of water for Rahm Emanuel and he’s not doing it for nothing.

KERRY JOYCE is a recovering Conservative and a former Intern for Evans and Novak. He lives in Rhode Island.