October 2006

Freedom to the Detained; Punishment for the Assassins

Nine Words

A No-Win Elecion for Women

Democratic Candidate’s Wife Asks Sheehan Not to Protest the Iraq War

Those Damned Democrats

The Third and Final Act: Attacking Iran

Who’s Afraid of an Iranian Bomb?

Targeting Nicaraguans’ Stomachs

Bush Opens National Parks to Bio-Prospecting

Vote for James H. ‘Jim’

The Meaning of Lula’s Victory

Normalizing Torture

Liberal Doormats: Tread on Us

Dirty Bombs Over Lebanon

Evil in the Valley

The Death of Empathy

The Natural Step for Eco-Villages

I Was Wrong About Thomas Friedman, the World’s Wealthiest Pundit

The Obscene Views of Avigdor Lieberman

The Veil and the British Male Elite

European Islamophobia

On Peters and Principles

The Global War on Fashion

Why Bunny Greenhouse Sits in a Corner

Fear and Loathing in the North

Democrats By Default?

Why Bush is Seeking Confrontation With North Korea

Bush’s Mea Culpa Speech, First Draft

Pushing India Toward a Dollar Democracy

The Legacy of Gillo Pontecorvo

Oppression Affects All People

Rogue President

The General Who Called Out the Devil

The Distortions of Sebastian Mallaby on Social Security

In Search of a Real Inter-Religious Dialogue

Why Nancy Pelosi is Wrong


Perversions of Power

The Horrors of Extraordinary Rendition

From "Mission Accomplished" to "Mission Impossible" in Iraq

Madonna’s African Safari

How to Save Vermont

The Charnel House of Baghdad

A Cruel and Unusual Reality

The Police Raid on My House

The Crimes of Greed vs. the Crimes of Government

Like a Soldier

Islamic Fascisms?

The Blood of October

Israel’s Minister of Strategic Threats