September 2006

Oil Trip: Nigeria, Chad, Liberia

The Sanctuary Illusion

Israel Sends in the Clowns

Mommy, What’s Waterboarding?

Bad Faith and the Destruction of Palestine

Chavez’s Reading, Bush’s Reading

Inside America’s Nursing Homes

America Has Just Lost Two More Wars

Bush and Islam

Finding My Way Back to Church … and Getting Kicked Out

The Flaws in the Military Commissions Act

A Left Challenge to Lula

Elmo Will Not Save You

Political Corruption in Israel

Where Are the Mass Protests?

Giving Terrorism a Reason to Exist

Failing Haiti

Don’t Disappear Into a Black Hole

Weyrich on the Patriot Act

Tax Burdens and Cheaters in the Rockies

A Final Explosion Looms

Rumsfeld’s AutoCarterization

The Danger of Methamphetime Registries

Torturing the Obvious

The Detroit Teachers’ Strike, 2006