Release Information on Your Federal Grants

To: Ms. Jennifer Windsor, Executive Director

Dear Ms. Windsor,

This letter is to once again request that Freedom House release to the public information about its U.S. government grants.

Freedom House is well known by the press, academics and librarians as an organization which promotes government transparency and freedom of the press around the world. We are certain that you support the right of the press to have access to information from the government, and we believe this should include information about government funding of your organization. The public has a right to know if the sources used by the press and textbook authors to define political issues have an economic interest in supporting the policies of the government.

It has been alleged that Freedom House received government grants totalling $2.1 million in 2004 (Cuba News, Maryland). We are requesting a list of all grants to Freedom House originating with U.S. government agencies (including the NED) beginning in 1995, along with copies of the grant agreements. We also request information about the relationship between Freedom House and New York City librarian Robert Kent.


DIANA BARAHONA is a freelance journalist. She can be reached at