February 2006

Inequality and War

The Hillary and George Show

The Problem with Mercury

Montana’s Public Power Movement

The Fury

Rumsfeld’s Enforcer

An Urgent Plea to Save a Small Estonian Musuem From Neo-Nazis

Why Hamas Won

Colin Powell’s Career as a "Yes Man"

Federal Judge Slams Whitman and EPA

What Did Stephen Harper Actually Win?

My Epiphany

Spilling Blood: Two Sentences

Don’t Be Fooled This Isn’t an Issue of Islam versus Secularism

Our Little Shop of Diplomatic Horrors

Bush’s Energy Escapades

Rumsfeld’s Hitler Analogy

Scare of the Union

Freedom 2006

"Lights Out in Tehran"

Hippies and Revolutionaries in Caracas

Bad Blood on the Border

A Glimpse Inside the San Francisco Hall of Justice, Where 90 Percent of the Cases are Drug Related


Cops Suing Cops … for Spying on Cops

The Color of Job Cuts in the Auto Industry

Inside Evo Morales’s Cabinet

The Next Act

Religion and Political Power

RSVP to Bush

Pentagon Database Leaves No Child Alone

Hop on the Bus

Selected Poems

The Price of Globalization

Oil Sands Frenzy in Canada

Speaking in Tongues

Is Bush Serious?

Fourth and Long in Detroit

A Parliament of Prisoners

The World Can’t Wait

The Gathering Storm

Working with Coretta Scott King

Racism, Neo-Confederacy and the Raising of Historical Illiterates

Rumsfeld and Negroponte Amp Up Attacks on Chavez

Outsourcing the Golden Years

Foreign Minister Taro Aso’s Dirty Secret

In the Footsteps of Arafat

Smothering the King Legacy with Kind Words

Afghanistan Five Years Later

Danes Finally Apologize to Muslims (But for the Wrong Reasons)