California Killers

Tookie Williams was hard to kill
his muscular body kept rejecting needles,
he complained about his executioner’s incompetence,
finally the Terminator’s of the State
caught a big vein
and carried out Arnold’s commandment.

America doesn’t believe in this-worldly rehab anymore,
Williams founded the Crips and its criminality
and then changed his mind,
why should brothers kill each other?
He spent the rest of his life fighting against
gangs, gangstas and gangsterism,
his existence was more useful
war makers, on the take politicos, or Hollywood Hitlers.

In America you can ask God for forgiveness
and it may even be granted
but that goes only for the after life,
don’t ask a Republican governor to second the emotion.
But Tookie types
find ways of living forever
they’ll be back.

STEW ALBERT runs the Yippie Reading Room. His memoir, Who the Hell is STEW ALBERT?, is just out from Red Hen Press. He can be reached at: