November 2005

Total Retraction of Emma Brockes’s "No Massacre at Srebrenica" Slurs

We Are All in GITMO Now

A Fractured Anti-War Movement

The Long, Long Fall of Bob Woodward

In Post Saddam Iraq, There are No Civilians

The War in Iraq is Not Going as Advertised

Coming Out in an Up-and-Coming Sport

Torturer’s Theater

Waffling Alito Charms DiFi

Evolution, Ecology and "Malignant Design"

Trying to Look Female Suicide Bombers in the Eye

Pentagon Admits Using Phosphorous Bombs on Fallujah

Sami Al-Arian Speaks

Bush Gang Swore Saddam was Behind 9/11 in Lawsuit

Thank You: Shukran, Moustapha Akkad

Evidence Mounts That Bush Wants New Wars

Forest-Flipping Frenzy Dooms Marmot

Showdown on the Silver Coast

Rosa’s Wreath

Another Mistrial in Irish Ploughshares Case

My Evening in the No Spin Zone

Secret CIA Testimony Undermines Bush, Again

Death of the Jailhouse Press

Off She Goes

Hope is for the Weak

Power Uber Alles

The Ghosts of Japan’s Past

Cambodia All Over Again

The Origins of the Guardian’s Attack on Chomsky


A Return to the Horrific (TDC to TDCJ 1978-2005_

First the Lying, Then the Pardons

The Bombings of Zarqawi and Bush

Sleaze, Deceit and Torture

Dover Bitch

Cross Connections

The Cost of War

Rep. McGovern’s Withdrawal Resolution

Jimmy Martin: an Appreciation

Hypocrisy Watch


Another Monkey Trial?

Murder in El Salvador

Lessons from the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Why Did Libby Lie?

Ken Saro-Wiwa, Ten Years Gone

Bush Crony Plots 400% Hike in Clearcutting

Constructive Engagement or a New Tonkin Gulf?

Haiti: Insanity Takes Over, While the Selection Continues

Is Ron Harris Telling the Truth?

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