They Shoot at Children, Too

Ahmad Khatib, 11 years old, was playing with friends in the alleys of Jenin refugee camp, while in the upper neighbourhood the Israeli army was practicing their daily routine of breaking into houses and arresting people.

The children were imitating soldiers by aiming wooden sticks at each other as if they were rifles. Ahmad was holding his new wallet intending to buy a tie for his school uniform. He happened to be among the playing children.

The irst IDF bullet hit his hip. The second IDF bullet hit his head. It, certainly, does not look like a mistake. The bullet was aimed to kill Ahmad.

Later on the soldier claimed that he mistook the child for a sniper.

As a “gesture of good will”, IDF allowed the wounded child to cross the checkpoint on his way to his death.

I visited Ahmad in “Rambam”, an Israeli hospital in Haifa. Ahmad’s heart is beating but Ahmad is dead. Today, the breathing machine will be disconnected.

The Army spokesman apologized for killing the boy.

JULIANO MER-KHAMIS made the documentary film Arna’s Children about Jenin’s refugee camp.