October 2005

Empire of Denial

Barbara Bush: the Poster Gorgon of the Astros

Attack on the Palestine Hotel

Judith Miller and Me

Talk to Strangers

The Sleight of Hand

Pulling the Court Strings

Could Somebody Recommend a President?

US Foreign Policy and Palestine

Apres Rove

A Nation Stands on Trial

Revoke Miller’s Pulitzer

Iraq is Not Vietnam, But…

Shades of Iran/Contra

China Bashing and the Loss of US Competitiveness

Two Decades of Aftershocks from 1985 Quake

Murder of Defense Lawyer Puts Saddam’s Trial at Risks

When Divas Collide: Maureen Dowd v. Judy Miller

CSI: Iraq

What the "War on Terror" is Really About

Whose Justice Does Saddam’s Trial Serve?

Venezuela’s National Workers’ Union

Tanks for the Memories

Harriet Miers, a Pre-Judger of Cases

Disasters Are Us

Bush the Strategist

Intelligent Design

Bush, an Assessment

Letter from the Circle Bar

Invading Iran


When Abortion was Illegal


The Destruction of the National Guard

Richard Pombo: Tom DeLay in Cowboy Boots

25 Years After Reagan’s Triumph

The Democrats’ Abortion Hypocrisy

Paying for Their Mistakes

Abusing Katrina

Defiant Saddam Refuses to Recognize Court

Was the Iraqi Constitution Vote Fixed?

The Scandalous History of the Red Cross

James McMurtry Makes It in Dayton

Attack Syria? Invade Iran?

Prosecuting Bush in Canada for Torture

Millions of Workers Would Lose Pay and Protections Under Minimum Wage Proposal

Chickens Come Home to Roost on Cheney

Judy and Holofernes

Defiant Saddam Refuses to Recognize Court

Bush and Avian Flu