October 2005

Trading Weapons While Kashmir Burns

The Libby Indictment

Dr. Dhafir Sentenced to 22 Years

The Press Acquits Itself

Trading Weapons While Kashmir Burns

Bernacke Could Face Serious Trouble

Scapegoating Immigrants

A Moment of Truth

Carry On, Patrick Fitzgerald

Self-Portrait, 1994. Bronte Beach.

Bushspeak: Dark and Garbled Words

Green Hoosiers

Autumn in America

Fear and Sex

Why Aren’t the Democrats Screaming Bloody Murder?

Karl’s Great Escape

Crack Down at Kent State

Israel and the Consequences of "Uniqueness"

Jane Weirick: Death of an Organizer

The Fifth Afghan War

Insult Your Country

Let the PIRGs Begin!


Framing the Poor

Beginning of the End? Watergate 2005? Gotterdammerung for the Bushies?

The Wedges of Hephaestus

Requiem for Bethlehem Steel?

Inflation Up; Wages Down

Embracing the Anti-Apartheid Struggle in Israel/Palestine

Is the US Really Against Torture?

Way Down in New Orleans

Now It’s About the Forgeries

In the Name of Justice

The Race to Execute Tookie Williams

Suddenly, Bush Embraces Right of Fair Trials

Waiting for Fitzgerald

Stop the Troops!

Escape the Weight of Your Corporate Logo

License to Bill

The Scandal isn’t the Leak, But the Illegal War

Look Who’s Talking Now

Bono and Geldoff: "We Saved Africa!"

The Last Moment of Hope

White House in Meltdown

Dialectics of the Plame Affair

The Legacy of Rosa Parks

For Whom They Toll

Fitzgerald vs. the Bush Administration

Iraq Approves Constitution, Despite Sunnis

War Crimes in Afghanistan