Moral Values and the CIA

In exit polls at last Novembers election, CNN asked voters what concerned them most, the war, the economy or moral values. To its apparent surprise the voters chose moral values, which CNN interpreted to mean gay marriage, abortion and some other of the other cultural issues it markets in order to sell more of the products it advertises. It didn’t seem to occur to CNN that “moral values” is a pretty broad term or that its meaning might extend beyond the culture wars they promote. As an American moral value, how about this one — living with Satan, doing his bidding and sending out his demons to terrorize, dominate and exploit the people of the world, including ourselves.

Our Satan calls himself “The Company.” We finance him and his equipment and his thousands of “company (CIA) demons” with multibillions of our tax dollars. We authorize him to use whatever methods he desires, unrestricted by law or morality. We expect his demons to use fraud, cheating, bribery, extortion, forgery, theft, burglary, assault, kidnapping, interrogation by torture and mayhem, biological and chemical warfare, murder, and leader assassination in performing their duties. We anticipate that their covert use of state terrorism (violence by a government against innocent civilians to create fear in pursuit of a political objective) will cause many thousands of unjust, unnecessary and immoral deaths, injuries, imprisonments, suffering and other personal tragedies to innocent foreigners.

By these criminal and immoral methods, our demons implement The Company’s unjust, unnecessary and immoral projects, which include meddling in other nations’ political systems by creating and promoting economic, social and political movements favoring unlimited “free market” capitalism; destroying opposing movements and parties; creating, empowering and supporting capitalist puppets, dictatorships, monarchies and tyrannies; destabilizing and sabotaging governments deemed not capitalist enough; and conducting coups and regime changes where all else fails, enforced by invasions and brutal, long term occupations. In the name of freedom and democracy, our demons are destroying freedom and democracy all over the world.

Most of our demons live double lives in foreign countries. They frequent Five Star hotels and restaurants, ingratiating themselves with foreign elite’s. They work for (or pretend to) transnational business enterprises. Their economic coercion tasks include monopolizing supposedly “free” markets by industrial and commercial sabotage such as selling and stealing trade secrets, buying or destroying competing companies, especially smaller or family owned businesses; infiltrating and eventually controlling unions and other peoples’ organizations; and feeding “free market” misinformation and propaganda to gullible or greedy foreign public and private officials, especially bribing and extorting media officials such as editors, reporters and publishers. The Company’s overall project is to make the Third World safe and secure for First World commercial exploitation.

Consideration of these aspects of The Company’s work allows us to think about the true nature of our government’s so-called “war on terror” and the increasingly chaotic struggles against it going on in the Middle East and the rest of the Third World. Our demons are our government’s “intelligence” branch of its military-industrial drive for world hegemony. Our national security has never been at stake, these struggles are not conflicts between nation states (ours versus theirs), nor do they, as advertised, arise from competing ethnicities, religions or cultures, which are symptoms rather than causes. The real struggle is between the ultra-capitalist power elite’s which control our economic, political and information institutions all over the world including here, and the rest of us all over the world including here. It’s the same old domination-liberation dialectic which humanity has been striving to transcend from the beginning of civilization.

Since we insist that our demons operate in secret, we know very little about what they are doing. Many years later some of their reports sometimes become declassified and very occasionally a conscious-stricken demon will go public to try to assuage his guilt. In 1975 Philip Agee wrote a carefully documented book titled “Inside the Company,” which exposed what our demons have been doing in Latin America. Subsequently there were hearings in Congress and Intelligence Committees were set up to provide Congressional oversight of Company activities. But these have proved useless because the overseers are part of the problem rather than a solution. When demonic deeds become public, our politicians claim surprise or ignorance and blame The Company.

One of our demons named Luis Posada Carriles will presumably be testifying under oath before a Homeland Security judge in El Paso, Texas on August 29. What little we know about him is that he was trained by The Company in explosives, ran The Company’s demolition school, worked for The Company most of his life, and he’s done some pretty ugly things to innocent foreigners with self-made bombs. He’s an old man now and he’s sick. No one knows why his Miami friends brought him here to do this, but his lawyer has suggested he’s entitled to asylum here because he’s worked for The Company for the last 45 years and everything he did was at its direction or on its behalf. Will he give us another glimpse of what The Company has been up to? Will the Homeland prosecutor perform his/her official duty to cross examine him and present evidence to bring out the truth? No one seems to know.

There are certain aspects of our political lives we Americans prefer to remain ignorant of. In order to change things in a progressive way, we need to first face reality. If we start from myth, change just leads us to another myth. Regarding The Company, we like to think we are not responsible for what it does because we have no control over it, only our rulers do. But what if on Judgment Day the Almighty agrees with our claim that this is a government of the people, by the people and for the people? It seems then we should all be sent to spend eternity with our demons in the hot place. After all, birds of a feather flock together.

TOM CRUMPACKER is a lawyer who works with the Miami Coalition to End the US Embargo of Cuba. He can be reached at: