Treason on Downing Street

About this time last year, Britain’s Channel 4 News broadcast the results of an opinion survey which indicated that nine in ten Britons recognised Prime Minister Blair as a liar and a fraud. Given the revelations since then it would be mighty surprising if the public’s opinion of his character has improved. He is probably the most universally despised PM in living memory.

On the matter of the Guantanamo Bay, British born prisoners. If the prisoners were not directly implicated in a specific crime against America, but only an alleged affiliation to an internationally proscribed organisation, then they should have been returned to Britain for trial and possible imprisonment, not abused in a hell-hole beyond the rule of law and the protection of Her Majesty’s justice. That was their right as British subjects.

By failing to recover these victims of torture and injustice at the earliest opportunity, Mr Blair effectively abrogated sovereignty over Her Majesty’s subjects, which is a big no-no. I would be surprised if HRH gave him that permission, very surprised indeed.

Abrogation of sovereignty ­ effectively loss of rights as citizens to the protection of The Crown – is a very serious matter. The last time European citizens lost their right of citizenship and the protection of the law was in Nazi Germany. If The Queen Elizabeth II is not capable of maintaining her sovereign hold over her subjects, then there is not much point in having a monarchy and we may as well have a republic.

On the matter of the dead and maimed British servicemen. The armed forces swear allegiance to Queen and country, not the government of the day. Implicit in that oath is the assumption that their lives will not be misspent in a war launched on a raft of lies. The dead are asking the monarch why they were slaughtered in the service of the Washington neo-conservatives and their Israeli friends.

On the matter of the established church. Mr Blair likes to advertise his active Christianity and is a regular churchgoer. His partner, President Bush, thinks Jesus is talking to him and directing his next action. It would be prudent for the CofE to convene an ecclesiastical court to examine Mr Blair as to the extent to which he thinks his actions are being directed by Jesus. I am quite sure that it is established doctrine that if the Messiah returns he will advertise his presence in a more objective manner than via Mr Blair.

On the matter of the coming Parliamentary elections. Mr Blair wilfully misled Parliament and public alike. He breached the UN charter and the prohibition of aggressive war. He is probably both a war criminal and a traitor. When criminals are detected in high office it is not the electorate’s job to pass judgement, it is a job for the police and the courts. In a democracy the likes of Mr Blair should be removed from office before they can stand again. If that is not possible then we may as well dispense with Parliamentary democracy and have another system instead.

One of his major policy planks for the coming election is a compulsory identity card scheme. The card and the possible compulsion to carry it is a red herring; what we are really looking at is a compulsory registration exercise, the output being various unchanging identifications and a registration number for life, as indelible as a concentration camp tattoo. Given Mr Blair’s record thus far, this is a very dangerous step indeed.

If Mr Blair stands for re-election there will likely be a low turnout bordering on a boycott. Certainly, no one I know is bothering to vote this time around, they are all too disgusted with both the government and the disloyal opposition. Implicit in the electoral system is the notion that all voters accept the outcome even if their party loses. If the turnout drops below fifty percent then the government has no mandate from the citizenry. If it drops really low then the political system will need a major reform.

Ma’am, off with the traitor’s head; after a fair trial of course. Britain’s reputation in the world will be restored at a stroke and the economic payoff will be considerable. The audience will be the largest in the history of television and the fees immense. May I suggest a scaffold and chopping block of permanent materials on Tower Green? In the following year millions of tourists will visit the bloody block at ten pounds each. There will be revenue enough for both your own maintenance and the common good.