Stopping by Words in Favor of Privatizing Social Security

Whose words these are I think I know.
He’s stationed at the White House, though.
He will not hear me sing his praises
Here sequestered on skid row.

With tax cuts and with paycheck raises,
Borrowing like holy blazes,
He proposes, in one stroke,
To save Bill Gateses and Ken Layses.

He alone-this is no joke-
Will keep S.S. from going broke
By letting Wall Street foot the cost
Of deficits gone up in smoke.

He says that nothing will be lost,
No pensioner be double-crossed,
Not Condi Rice or Robert Frost,
Not Condi Rice or Robert Frost.

JAMES REISS is Poet-in-Residence and Professor of English at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. His most recent book is Riff on Six: New and Selected Poems (Salt Publishing). He’s He can be reached at: