The "State" of the Union

As George W. Bush walked through the doors to address Congress about the state of the union, a tear ran down my face. I cried for America. We live in a country that could do so much good in the world, yet all of our energy and money is wasted on hatred.

Apparently, during the last four years Bush accomplished quite a lot. Most of it I could agree with, but here are the “accomplishments” that really got me.

1) The No Child Left Behind Act closed achievement gaps in schools: This could be valid; however, did we ever consider the fact that maybe kids are just dropping out? Because let me tell you, it happens, a lot. I’ve had at least a handful of friends drop out this year.

2) Reformed intelligence agencies: We also got stripped of our freedoms. Really great idea.

3) Built up border security to slow illegal immigration and drug trafficking: I’ve seen diversity grow in my community and chances are all of these folks aren’t legal. Also, drugs are fine with me. You do as you please. Keep ’em coming.

4) Removed the top leaders of Al Queda: Whoa, buddy! Last time I checked, Bin Laden was somewhere living to good life. So, maybe you need to check out your sources Georgie.

Now, for the so called goals to “expand our nation” and “make it a better place for our children”. Hey, I’m a kid and I think this countries going down the tubes, but George doesn’t seem to care what the hell I think.

1) Affordable, environmentally friendly energy including nuclear energy: They must have redefined “environmentally friendly” because now it apparently means to destroy the environment and lead to harm and the eventual disfigurement of every life form. This would be a grand idea if we replace “nuclear” with solar. I mean I’d rather get sunburn then glow in the dark. Although, glowing in the dark would be quite amazing when on acid. But wait; according to Bush’s accomplishments we’ve slowed the drug trade. Maybe glowing in the dark isn’t such a good idea after all.

2) Constitutional amendment to protect the institution of marriage: So, apparently Bush isn’t a big fan of love. (We already knew that, though because of Iraq, etc.) I’m sorry but you can’t take away a basic part of life. You can’t help who you love. If you’re gay then that’s great. I don’t care about that. It doesn’t matter whether someone is gay or straight. WELL LOVE IS LOVE, NOT FADE AWAY!! (as the song goes) What’s next? Are we going to outlaw interracial marriages too? I can’t say it would surprise me.

3) Continue to support the military: I WILL NOT SUPPORT THE MILITARY; however, I WILL support the TROOPS. As the classic anti-war chant goes, “We’re not against the soldiers. We’re against the war.”

4) “We don’t want to force of government upon other nations.” ~GW Bush: This was the best thing this man said the entire speech. So, by invading Iraq, getting rid of their leader without help from the citizens, and “installing” democracy without a choice, we’re not “forcing” democracy on the nation of Iraq. Wow, apparently the meaning of force changed too. Maybe Bush should write a dictionary that would help the 49% of the country that didn’t vote for him understand what he’s talking about. It would really help me out a lot. That’s for sure.

5) Many times in his speech, Bush pointed out how thankful the Iraqi people were for our “help” in making them a democratic nation. That is great. I really do think that this whole democracy in Iraq thing is beneficial to the world. I would, however, like to point out the fact that we didn’t go into Iraq for the benefit of the Iraqi people, as Bush now wants to make it seem. We went there because the Bush family had some shit to finish with Saddam and because of these “weapons of mass destruction” which turned out to be a figment of Georgie’s imagination. Gee who would have thought?

6) Bush also spoke about bringing fear upon nations that have “weapons of mass destruction.” The question I’ve had for quite sometime has still not been answered. WHY IS IT OK FOR US TO HAVE “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION,” BUT NOT FOR ANYONE ELSE TO HAVE THEM? We aren’t the dictators of the world, although I’m sure that George would love that.

I just want to know how war, a ban on love, and glow in the dark people is going to benefit me and make this country a better place for me to live in the future. Moving to Canada is looking more appealing each day. You can smoke pot there in the privacy of your own home, yet in the US you get more time in jail for possessing an ounce of marijuana than you do for raping and killing little children. This is some country folks. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

CACIE HART is 17, goes to high school in Baltimore and says she’s going to be an environmental lawyer. Just so long as she doesn’t work for NRDC she can write for us any time.

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