February 2005

Year Four in the Five Year Plan

The Attacks on Ward Churchill

Talking to Mary Johnson about Clint Eastwood, Hunter Thompson and the "Right to Die"

Why Ted Honderich is Wrong on All Counts

Maria Full of Cultural Colonialism at the Oscars

Dieudonne and the Uses of "Anti-Semitism"

Basic Income Guarantee Versus the Corporate Media

Haitian Police Open Fire on Nonviolent Demostrators

An American Jew Laments Decline in Jewish Influence; Roe v. Wade: Nixon’s Ultimate Dirty Trick? Gonzo Exit? Shanley DA Aims Higher in Hate-filled Massachusetts

Ward Churchill and White America

Nuclear Terror at Home

Relativity, LA Times Style

Zizek Seen Over the Handlebars

Political Solitude

Rhetoric in the Air; Reality on the Ground

Reflections on the Eve of Fatherhood

AARP Gets Pot-Baited

A Season of Depressing Political Reruns

In Praise of the Facts

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The Wounds from Wounded Knee

Boutros-Ghali: a CIA Role in the 1994 Assassination of Rwanda’s President Habyarimana?

It Always Rains in California

The Miami Mafia: "Iraq Now; Cuba Later!"

Land Reform in Venezuela