January 2005

Salazar and Obama: Two Dismal Debuts

Condoleezza Rice Confused About the Middle East

Latin America and the US

Delusions About Democracy

Freedom on Steroids

An Interview with Concientious Objector Aidan Delgado

Satan is My Co-Pilot

A Party Without Virtue

The US / Colombia Plot Against Venezuela

The Intolerance of Christian Conservatives

Iraq as Disneyland

Bush Didn’t Start the War on the Bill of Rights

Israel as an Extension of American Empire

Last Monologue in Burbank

A Letter to Human Rights Activists and Intellectuals in the Western Hemisphere

King George

One China; Many Problems

Animal Farm in the New Century

It Doesn’t Compute

The Spectacle

The Secret Messages of Rahm Emmanuel

Madness in High Places

Questions While Watching the Inaugural

Nuclear Incident in Montana

Hollywood’s Patriots

Zionism and Other Marginal Thoughts

My Daughter Has Been Wrongly Imprisoned

Lockheed and Loaded

The Politics of Death in California

Is GW Getting the Runaround?

A Spectre is Haunting the American Left…Thank God

The Rise of Michael Chertoff

Adventures in Online Dating

Prince Harry’s Travails; John L. Hess Gone at 87

The Heart of Texas

Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

Connecticut Chooses Death

The Anti-War Movement and the Iraqi Resistance

A Great American Journalist

An Asterisk for Major League Baseball

Bush’s Faith-Based Social Services

Locked Out and Pissed Off

Swimming Home from the Galapagos

The Problem with Mike Ruppert

"I Will Continue to Speak Out Until the Last Soldier Leaves Iraq"

The Democrats and Iran

Flags, Cops and F-16s

Not One Bad News Bearer in Bush’s Inner Circle

Bush Report on Drug Imports

The Injured Party