January 2005

Cheney at Auschwitz

Amid Tragedy, Defiance

New Republic Calls for Death and Torture of Arundhati Roy and Stan Goff

The Real Scandals of the Texas Election

Revisiting the Obscenity Debate

Turkey and the EU

A Victory for the Shia

Why the Children in Iraq Make No Sound When They Fall

This Election Will Change the World, But Not in the Way the US Wanted

Condi Rice and the Neocon Plan for the Palestinians

Dennis Peron May Split the Scene

Meet the Fuqers

Baghdad Feels Like a City Preparing for War

Holocaust History

Iraq’s Civilian Dead

The Case of Father Jerry

Wilsonian and Neoconservative Myths

Stop the Torture

Lament of the Mnemonopath

The Politics of Auschwitz

How Bush Brings Freedom to the World

Why Velikovsky Matters…Today More Than Ever

Bush Pledges on Racism Lack Realism

Haiti is Now "More Violent and More Inhuman"

A Dialogue About Murder in Toledo

The Passion of Paul Shanley

Vote for Me Because I Already Won!

The New Education Secretary vs. Vermont’s Lesbians

Tempelsman’s Man Weighs In on the Murder of Patrice Lumumba

Power and Autonomy in Bolivia

Iraq’s Non-Election

Tsunami Aid By the Numbers

The Great Donovan McNabb

Attacks on Polling Stations Leave 13 Dead

Killing Killers Who Want to Die

Time for a Corporate Death Penalty Act

Fighting the Poverty Draft

The Widening Chasm Among Conservatives

Reining In Cheney

Another Case Goes Up in Flames

The US’s Bloodiest Day in Iraq

The Laws of Nature

We’ve Been Taken Over By a Cult

Why Conservative Christians Fear Tolerance

A Bounty or Amnesty for Osama?

Shilling for Bush

Latin America and the US

Delusions About Democracy

Bush’s Second Inaugural Address

Filling Saddam’s Shoes