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January 2005

New Republic Calls for Death and Torture of Arundhati Roy and Stan Goff

Revisiting the Obscenity Debate

The Real Scandals of the Texas Election

Turkey and the EU

Amid Tragedy, Defiance

A Victory for the Shia

Cheney at Auschwitz

Stop the Torture

Condi Rice and the Neocon Plan for the Palestinians

The New Education Secretary vs. Vermont’s Lesbians

Haiti is Now "More Violent and More Inhuman"

Holocaust History

A Dialogue About Murder in Toledo

How Bush Brings Freedom to the World

Iraq’s Civilian Dead

Dennis Peron May Split the Scene

Bush Pledges on Racism Lack Realism

Power and Autonomy in Bolivia

Wilsonian and Neoconservative Myths

The Politics of Auschwitz

Baghdad Feels Like a City Preparing for War

The Passion of Paul Shanley

Vote for Me Because I Already Won!

The Case of Father Jerry

Why Velikovsky Matters…Today More Than Ever