December 2004

An Army Without Compassion

Polls of Fear

Japan in Iraq

The Mountain and the Mouse

"He Drew Blood"

My Case Against Pinochet

Did Yushchenko Poison Himself?

The Meaning of Sacrifice

Why They Hated Gary Webb

Has the US Lost Control of Mosul?

DEA Upholds Grower’s Marijuana Monopoly

WANTED: Middle East Mediator

What Kids Cost: Dallas vs. Delhi

The Law and Peace in the Middle East

Values Voters, Desperate Housewives and Sweatshop Tacos

Laughing Dragon, Dancing Bear

Drifters Escape, Again

Wolves and Revolution in Venezuela

A Man Who Confers with God Should Have Good Hearing

Farming By Numbers

Indictment of Pinochet a Victory for International Law

Alarcon: "The Cuban 5 Have Been the Victims of Torture by the US"

"They Want to Break Our Unions"

An Interview with Mickey Z

The Inuit Strike Back