December 2004

Ukraine’s Real Underdog

Merck’s Merry Christmas

An Encounter with Senator Charles Schumer

Crumbs from Our Table

When No Law Means No Law

Death Watch for Human Rights in Haiti

The UN’s Real Disgrace was the Sanctions Regime

Not Quite Ready for Sainthood

Social Security Pump and Dump

The Case for Boycotting Israel

Northern Ireland: No Postcards from the Edge

Nobel Laureate Suffers from a Bizarre Historical Amnesia

Imagining Palestine

They Were Waiting for Chicken Tenders When the Round Hit

On the Seventh Column

Unplugging Al-Manar TV

Losing It in America

America Locked Up

Bombings and Sectarian Bigotry in Iraq

Aiding Oppression in Haiti

Concrete Colossus Versus the River Dragon

The Why and When of Terrorism

The View from Donetsk

Media Blackout on Bush’s War Against Labor

An Army Without Compassion