November 2004

Arafat Ruled by Emotion and Cronyism

Measure for Measure

Statistics Don’t Lie; But They Don’t Tell the Story, Either

Insurgent Bolivia

How They Tried to Suppress the Black Vote in South Carolina

Guzman’s Fist

The Irony of Arafat

Hung Over in the End Times

Palestine Greater Than Arafat

The Clinton Cult Factor

A Model for the Developing World

Alberto Torquemada

Why Do They Laugh at Us?

Encounters with Arafat

Grieving Explained

God Has Granted America a Reprieve

Debating a Neocon

A Possible Bright Side?

Dispatches from the Gound

Letter from a Haitian Jail

Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

After Arafat

Bush + Clinton = Bubya

Taking a Leak on the Bush Bulge

Freedom, Bush Style

A Day of Infamy

The Appeal of George W. Bush

Fallujah and the Making of a War Crime

Rebuilding the Anti-War Movement

Zealots on the Mount

The Discredited Logic of ABB

Arafat Died Years Ago

US is Failing Test of History in Iraq

Columbia Profs Smeared as Anti-Semites

Crushing Fallujah Will Not End the Iraq War

From ABB to CYA

Elections, Religion and the American People

This Not the Time for Despair

On the Homefront of Our Civil Wars

Fallujah: the Hue of Iraq

The Harm of Too Much Secrecy

Something to Stand On

Bush’s Win is a Defeat for Democratic Party Not the Left

Media Black Out on Vote Fraud Allegations

The Battle for Fallujah

How White Liberals Became a New Racial Minority

Pro Sports and the Gay Athlete

The Man and the Movie

Continuing Stress on the Jobs Front

Let There Be Conflict!