November 2004

"Supporting These Troops?"

Who and What Killed Margaret Hassan?

Bring Them Home Before They Kill Again

Condi Sees Enemies Everywhwere She Looks: Haiti, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Uruguay and, of course, Cuba

Abandon Your Involvement with Creating Nuclear Weapons

Rumsfeld in Nicaragua

Executing Injured Prisoners in Fallujah

America’s Radioactive War

Lula’s Troops in Haiti

The New Mongols

It Has Happened Here

General Stilwell’s Lesson for Liberals

The Dia de los Muertos of the US Left

Sen. Bill Frist v. John Quincy Adams

"He’s Dead Now"

Declining Superpower Act

"Cousins of Color:" Black Soldiers in the Philippines, 1899

"Night of the Long Knives" at the CIA

Ken Blackwell Has Some Explaining to Do

Challenges for the Peace Movement

Rejoice Not

Challenging Jim Crow in Cincinnati

If Only Voters Were as Diligent as Sports Fans

Iraq: The Unthinkable as Normalcy

Colin Powell and Latin America

On the (Far) Right Hand of God

Fallujah in Ruins

On Reading the Duelfer Report

God Bless America

Obliterating Fallujah

So What Are You Going to Do About It?

The "No Partner" Myth

(Spread the Word…)

The War on Gay Rights

With Him Goes the Two-State Solution

How to Stop the GWOT

Bush’s Reelection: a perspective from the South

War Crimes in Fallujah; a Gutsy Campaign Against Lantos

When a Prisoner of War Isn’t a Prisoner of War

"Next"…a Prison Tale

Bush, God and the Election

Waiting for the Last War to End

Imperialist France Destroys an African Air Force

Fallujah and the Erosion of American Power

The Rise and Fall of Newt Gingrich

The State of Play

Blue Values

A Preview of the Scalia Court

Man on Fire

Neoliberalism and Class Politics in Latin America