November 2004

The Company He Keeps

Or Why I Voted for Ralph Nader

Safire the Shameless

Did Harvard Hire (Another) War Criminal?

The Occupation of Iraq is the Root of the Problem

Double Standards on Exit Polls

War Crimes in Fallujah

License to Kill

Bush and Uribe at the Beach

The Other Mess in Congress

The Mark of McCain

Won’t Get Fooled Again?

Why They Hate Bush in Chile

Why Bush Should be Banned from Canada

Fight Night in the NBA

"This is Now the Most Dangerous Place in Iraq"

Bludgeoning the Dollar

Apocalypse Soon

The War is Over; But There is No Peace

The Poisoned Chalice

The Granma Moses of Radical Writing

Wanton Wastes of Money, Manpower and Lives

Politics and Jazz

Abortion and the Election

Religion, the Election and the Politics of Fear

Basketbrawl Two Pointer

Triumph of the Will: the Sequel

Imperial History-Making v. Reality-Based Thought

The Vulcans Consolidate Power

Sandwiches and Car Bombs

The Same Old Struggle Against Imperial America

Finding Money in Hollywood Today

Mishandling Nader

Where We Are Now

After Arafat

There is No One Left to Stop Them

At a Loss

Terror By Night

Mementos You Won’t Find in Clinton’s Library

The Death of Pragmatism and the Rise of Principle

The Crushing of Fallujah

Soul Brother?

Digging Kerry Out and Burying the Bones(men)

Sign Here, Kid

War Criminal as Attorney General?

Iraq War as Video Game

The Bolivian Crisis Deepens

America, "Left Behind"

The Murder of Margaret Hassan

The NYT’s Fesses Up to a Rip Off