So What Are You Going to Do About It?


John Kerry has slithered back under the rock from whence he came but never fear he’ll be back. Like the Clinton’s, like Gore and countless other ineffectual democrats, he’ll be back, and he’ll be received very well, possibly even be rewarded for his successful exploits: destroying the third party alternative and breaking the anti-war movement with his bare hands.

John “Help is On The Way, America”, “Reporting for Duty”, Kerry, we have a new title for you: The Great Destroyer. How will that look on a political resume?! G.W. Bush, your distant cousin and brother in arms may be the political anti-Christ, leader of “America”, the great Satan, but you will forever be remembered as the democrat who lead the self destructive charge, running what was left of your party into the, not so, hallowed ground and for leading your parishioners into the depths of despair and immobility, in neo-religious political lingo: the ninth circle of hell.

(We need to get use to this kind of verbiage now that the fundamentalists have seized total control. Creationism is coming soon to a school near you.)

Meanwhile, Iraq is burning and where is the anti-war movement now? Where are the millions of disillusioned Kerry supporters who were so opposed to the war in Iraq? Where is your leadership? Why aren’t you on the streets in mass demonstrating against the evil being committed against innocent men, women and children in Fallujah?! Are you tired, is your spirit broken? Are you too busy working on recounts and election fraud or are you just too busy today, in general, to worry about civilian casualties? You’re not even on the streets, in mass, demonstrating your frustration against the pitiful excuse for an election that just passed!

Hold onto your hats my friends! There are demonstrations being planned, in the works as we like to say. If you really want to show your dissatisfaction with this election and the ongoing slaughter in Iraq, here’s your chance.

The hope is that you will forget pointless recounts in a system, a game, that is rigged and move on to more important things, like letting the world know that the majority of us here in the good ol’ US of A object to the slaughter of innocent people. The Bush regime doesn’t speak for us just as Kerry didn’t speak for us peace loving lefties and traditional conservative, anti-war, nut cases. We’re all in the same fruit basket. Might as well join forces eh?

(How many of you know that Justin Raimondo of voted Nader?! Raimondo, a traditional conservative?! Not only did he vote Nader but in California, he had to spend the time to write him in! The rapture’s comin’, I just know it!)

The anti-war movement was high jacked, temporarily, let’s take it back and take it back in force.

To those “anti-war” groups who got behind a pro war Kerry: Come on down, we need you, now more than ever! To put it in the parlance of our times: we forgive you, come on in, the water’s fine! 1) Coen brother’s rip.

The only chance we have, is to put aside our differences and come together, right now, under the original anti-war banner that we once all stood under! Let’s get back to the original message: NO WAR! NO WAR FOR OIL, NO WAR FOR ISRAEL! This is simplicity at its best. No democrats in the way to muddy up the message. NO WAR, plain and simple. (Can I hear an Amen?!)

Even those of us seemingly divided by traditional political stances: the left-right argument, have more in common than not! We ALL want our country back. We want to restore (more specifcally re-invent) democracy, uphold the constitution and the bill of rights. On this, both extremes agree! Let us drop those things which divide us and take refuge in what we agree upon: Let us take our country back.

By joining our forces together, who knows what we might achieve?! The truth is, we must do something and so, here is a good starting place!

January 20, 2005
Washington DC

With joint actions in San Francisco & Los Angeles

On the day of George W. Bush’s inauguration for this second term in office – January 20, 2005 – there will be thousands of people all along the inaugural route in Washington DC demanding “End the occupation of Iraq – Bring the troops home now.” Bush and the world will hear this message loud and clear from the people of the U.S.

The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition has obtained permits for the Counter-Inaugural demonstration.

Now, whether you are a traditional conservative or progressive does not matter. We all need to be out on the streets in any one of these locales ( create your own if you can’t get to any of those listed!). Forget about the little things, your political differences, and just do it. We don’t have time for pettiness. Party lines have no place in our collective outrage against this war and against what is happening to our country. Get over it!

I would not dare to propose that a mass demonstration is the answer, especially after our anti-war voices were muted before the pre-emptive strike on Iraq but I will tell you we have got to do something and do it soon! People are dying, needlessly, and the current regime is responsible. This demonstration is a good starting place for what we need to do!

In addition, if there is anyone out there who cares to take on a leadership role, we need you now! There is a vacancy that Ralph Nader, the Greens and other third party alternatives cannot fill! We need to form a viable third party alternative now! Nader, the Greens and others who have been a force in the third party arena will be needed to encourage and develop a new and viable third party. They’ll need to get behind it and get beyond their political differences. We need all of you, no matter which side of the road you are on! We need an alternative party that will encompass all of the disenfranchised: traditional conservatives, progressives and everything in between.

We need EVERY anti-war group to unite under the same banner! We need every single person in this country who does not support this illegal war, the murder of innocent people, the injustices being foisted upon other countries, to come together now!

What are we waiting for?! We don’t have time to grieve or even question what is happening around us. There is no time for recounts or voter fraud investigations. While we fiddle, Iraq is burning, Palestine is burning and soon the entire region will be engulfed in flames! Do we have that kind of time? Are we that ego centric? The answer is NO, NO and NO!

A place is there below, stretching as far from Beelzebub as his tomb extends, which not by sight is known, but by the sound of a rivulet that here descends along the hollow of a rock that it has gnawed with its course that winds and little falls. My Leader and I entered through that hidden way, to return to the bright world. And without care, to have any repose, we mounted up, he first and I second, till through a round opening I saw of those beauteous things which heaven bears, and thence we came forth to see again the stars.

– Canto XXXIV, Dante’s Inferno

Let us hope so.

DONNA J. VOLATILE is an un-produced, radical screenwriter living in New Mexico. She can be reached at: