October 2004

"Personally Creating Outcomes"

What Edwards Should Ask Cheney Tonight

Another Casualty of Bush’s War

An Interview with David Cobb

Strange Victory

Anatomy of a Palestinian Outrage

The Gates of Hell

John Kerry and the US Special Forces

What If Bush Didn’t Lie?

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It Did Happen Here

Save and Burn, a Film Review

Habana Night vs. Latin American Scholars in Vegas

Haiti’s Elections

John Kerry on Criminal Justice Issues

Iraqi Security Forces: the Grand Illusion

Science Matters

What is the Historical Jesus Trying to Tell Us?

In Case You Missed "Montel"

Memories of Mario Savio

Baseball Comes to DC

An Exchange with Bennie Morris

London’s Still Calling After 25 Years

An Inventory of Lies

Balanced Reporting of Political Violence in Haiti is Not Fair