October 2004

Was There a Pucker in That Jacket or Was the President Just Glad to be There?

An Interview with the ILWU’s Clarence Thomas on the Million Worker March

The Free Speech Movement and Howard Stern

Your Papers Please! (And While You’re at It Could You Open That Trunk?)

Name the New DC Baseball Team

Criticizing Israel is Not Anti-Semitism

Dick Cheney’s El Salvador

Unmerciful Judge, Merry Executioners

Thinking the Unthinkable

The Flu Vaccine Question

Reckoning Deaths in an Agitated World

The Lingering Clouds Over Ground Zero

America, Imagine This!

A Few Pages from The Mirror of Justices (c. 1290)

Gimme That Ole Time Religion

How to Effect Regime Change and Expand the Empire

Bush as a Strong Leader?

Why Do Bush and Kerry Fear Hugo Chavez?

Wal-Mart vs. the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon

Election Day Fears

Kerry’s Iraq Numbers

From Supermax to Abu Ghraib

Does Anyone Here Have a Spine?

The Brownshirting of America

Lessons from Nature