October 2004

Choking Free Speech

A Change in the Countryside or Preparation for a Prolonged Conflict in Colombia?

"Did You Two Squabble?"

How Faith-Based Politicking Degrades Democracy and Christianity

First the Back-Door Draft; Now the Foot-in-the-Door Draft

Reflections on a Mutiny

Time to Kick It Up a Notch

Get the Military Out of Our High Schools

If Bush Wins, Blame Me

Sinclair Broadcasting’s Air War

A Tragedy and a Failure That Has Stimulated Terrorism

"More Money in Your Pocket"

The Political Business of Terry McAuliffe

Republican Contributions: $10.7 Million for Kerry vs. $111,700 for Nader

Confessions of a Swing State Voter

O’Reilly Should Hush Up About Extortion Claim

Palestine Takes Center Stage at European Social Forum

The Other War

Leaving So Soon?

Bulletin on the Bush Bulge

Ariel Sharon’s Worldview

Betting on War

O’Reilly at the Whipping Post

The Language of Goodness

Facts and Lies; Slogans and Truth