Why Do Elephants Hate Us?

SILCHAR (Assam), Aug 31 (OneWorld) – A growing man-animal conflict between villagers and starving wild elephants has triggered a spate of killings in the northeast Indian states of Assam and Tripura.

Over the past 12 years, marauding elephants have killed 605 people in Assam, while at least 121 wild tuskers have died of poisoning, electrocution and collision with speeding trains during the same period.

In Tripura last year, wild tuskers trampled three people to death.

Wildlife and forest officials say the current situation is so grave that even tame elephants are straying into human settlements in search of food and to create terror.

Terror-suicide elephants are killing humans in India, one of the world’s most vibrant democracies. Already this year, suicide- elephants have killed more people than Islamic fanatics.

Clearly elephants, and perhaps all wild animals, hate freedom.

Leftists and elephanto-fascist apologists are, predictably, already trying to blame these reprehensible attacks on so-called “root causes” of elephant error.

We must maintain our moral clarity.

These attacks have nothing to do with deforestation, elephant enslavement, the collapse of the timber industry, or any other bleeding heart cause du jour. They are simply a manifestation of the brutal and evil tendencies latent in elephant culture, which has lagged far behind ours.

They will always hate humans so long as we do not grow trunks and tusks.

We must declare a War on Elephants.

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