September 2004

One Out of Every Nine

I Dreamed They Had a Debate

The Kidnap Capital of the World

Presidential Debates? I Call It Bunk

The Jihad of Alan Dershowitz

Ten Ways to Beat George W. Bush

…After the Election

They’ve Already Called It

Delusion Rules

Applauding Only the Right Entertainers

Story of a Mercury-Poisoned American

Disrupting America’s Fateful Non-Debate on the Roots of Terrorism

Is the US on a Collision Course with Iran?

The Deceivers

Kerry’s Moral Compass

A Response to Dave Lindorff’s Gag Reflex

"Children, Ardent for Some Desperate Glory"

The Cajamarca Protest

The Civics Teacher

Where is the Florida National Guard?

How Democrats Kicked Nader Off the Oregon Ballot

Jeanne: Compare Florida to Haiti

Latter-Day-Democrats and Labor

Contra Kerry

The Tragedy of Gonaives, Haiti

A Progressive Case for Voting for (Gag) Kerry?

The Problem with Public Opinion Polls

The Expulsion of Cat Stevens

As British Muslims Plead for Bigley’s Life, US Airstrikes Pound Fallujah

Momma, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cannon Fodder

Progressives and the Election

"Remember in November"

Dire Warnings from the Past

You’ve Lost Your Alibi!

An Interview with Kevin Pina

The Politics of Nader’s Republican Support

The "Logic" of Lesser-Evilism

Haiti: Another Lost Story

The Reality of Empire and Campaign Rhetoric

The New Sparta

C’mon Ralph, You’ve Got Nothing to Lose

Why is Kerry Running Such a Lame Campaign?

Bush at the UN

What About the Supreme Court?

Our Heroic Baby Killers

"I Am Totally Against This War"

Iraq: From Clinton to Bush

What’s at Stake for Women in 2004?

Random Impressions from Palestine

Destroying the National Guard