July 2004

The Schlemiel as Muckraker

Bob Feller Strikes Out

Bush and Thucydides

John Lehman on the War Path

Dylan Without the Music

Why the Book of Revelations is Must Reading

Nuclear Ambiguity or Hypocrisy?

"Let’s Lose!"

Israel Builds Another Wall

Vanishing the Palestinians

What Would Elizabeth Cady Stanton Make of Kerry?

Carter: "I Don’t See Anything Wrong with Generals Running the Country"

Our Geographical Blindspot

Man Stands on Bridge, News at 11

Cannabinoid Therapeutics

A Landmark Win for Salmon and the Tribes

Rebounder for Reforms, Master of the Lefty Lay-Up

Hope and Hostility at the Ancient Crossings

Kucinich Surrenders on Anti-War Plank

Support from NAACP, But a Movement in Shambles

Now It’s Coffin Bombs in Baghdad

Dershowitz, the ICJ and the Jim Crow Era

Did Allawi Shoot Inmates in Cold Blood?

Presidential Campaigns in the Age of TV

Flies High at the Box Office, But Crashes on Message

Follow the Money

Of Course, But Bad US Policies Will Outweigh Any Benefits

Whaddaya Got?

The Birds of Guantanamo

No Time for Democracy; This is an Emergency!

Divide and Conquer as Imperial Rules

Court Serves Israel’s Interest

The Green Deceivers

Who Gains from Missing Data at Los Alamos?

The Priesthood of Death

Class, War and Education: an Interview with Erin Murphy

Kerry: "Too Soon to Comment"

Israel in Iraq

An Intelligence Debacle…and Worse

The Sierra Club’s Inexplicable Treatment of Cynthia McKinney

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Electorates?

The Problem with Neutrality Between Palestinians and Israel

A Transfer of Power, Sort Of

The Green Version, 2004

Reflections on American Pathology

Thank You, Your Honors

Genetic Mutation of Mexican Maize

Rumsfeld’s al-Qaeda?

What Roger Noriega Really Means

In the Grip of Mass Murder