The Bully and the Brahmin

The more things play out, the more obvious it becomes that we are a nation led by a classic playground bully. You know — the type of guy who’ll gang up with similar jerks and intimidate the weak. But, the second anyone stands up to him, he turns tail and backs down. And, of course, he studiously never confronts anyone he thinks might resist in the first place.

Let’s see: Axis of Evil? The clearest proof that Iraq had no WMDs in the first place is that Bush launched this illegal preemptive strike. Iraq couldn’t defend itself traditionally, so the oilmen pounced. The rest of the Axis? Obviously, North Korea and Iran have defensive capabilities far greater than those of disarmed Iraq.

Attacking the weak? How else to view the torture of helpless, innocent prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo? You can be certain that is the view of civilized folks the world over. And, in the Middle East, the presence of Israeli torturers at Abu Ghraib is all they need to know.

Backing down? What WAS that we saw? A Baathist general, one of Saddam’s generals at that, cruising victoriously into Fallujah as US troops dropped the fight and retreated. The bullies’ intended victims there barely began to resist when the empire pulled a Reagan a la the Lebanon and cut and ran.

And not long after, we have the surrender in Najaf to the rag-tag, unsavory Mahdi Army of Muqtada al-Sadr, the guy Bush was going to bring in “dead or alive.” Amazingly, the bully has in actuality, declared a truce with the very “terrorists” he killed thousands to “bring to justice” while bankrupting the country and squandering any international goodwill the US might have had.

Once a schoolyard bully is challenged and gives way, his days of dominance are soon over. Just look at what Bush’s weak-ass back-down has wrought. The emperor trots out a new “Five Point Plan” that is as divorced from reality as the proconsul Bremer’s old Seven Point Plan. The imperium’s once top puppet, Ahmad Chalabi is now discredited in the US, but, not surprisingly, has had his status elevated in Iraq. The bully then punts to the UN. Lakhdar Brahimi takes over the indecipherable political process and, soon thereafter, another CIA darling, once Saddam Baathist henchman (and Chalabi relative) Iyad Allawi takes the reins of the puppet government. Meanwhile, the real power, Grand Ayatullah Ali Husaini Sistani steers Iraq to clerical rule as the US retreat snowballs.

The Brahmin

And where is John Kerry in all this? In a secured, undisclosed location hoping Bush continues to fall on his face. The best that John Milhous Heinz can come up with is that he’ll bring the troops home BEFORE the end of his term (which would mean 2009, if he’s the Skull and Bones plutocrat who’s selected). Bush just announced a January 2006 pull-out date. His solution: bring on the UN. As if Bush hasn’t already adopted that dead end.

The greatest moral issue of the campaign (not to mention, the new millennia) and Kerry and puppet master Terry McAuliffe remain unable to craft ANY coherent plan. Kerry can’t bring himself to repudiate his own vote for the war, even given the current realities. He appears incapable of viewing it in any way other than a callous political calculation — sit back and let Bush flounder as the best way to win. Sheesh! That’s leadership?

Neither Bonesman can explain the war even at this post-WMDs late date in any way shape or form other than simplistic “support the troops,” “liberating Iraq,” “bringing Democracy to the Middle East” banalities.

The odds of two members of the same secret society, with but 600 eligible members, running for president have been estimated at something like 615 trillion to one! For them both to have no clue on Iraq, the odds must be even more ludicrous. The odds of brining Democracy to North America? Incalculable.

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MICHAEL DONNELLY has been an environmental activist since before that first Earth Day. He was in the thick of the Pacific Northwest Ancient Forest Campaign; garnering some collective victories and lamenting numerous defeats. He can be reached at