Bremer: "We’re Getting Rid of the Poison in the System"

WARNING: If you’re an American, don’t read this article!!

Why? Because I’m a suicide writer, and this is a suicide article, and it’s aimed at–Americans.

Not just overpaid, overfed, married Americans with overfed, overindulged brats boarding planes on happy two-week vacations in Disneyland. Not just single, fit and trim Americans pumping iron or talking to stockbrokers on cell phones while burning off carbohydrates on the treadmill. Not just un-Americans who don’t believe that Saddam sent those anthrax letters, or hired bin Laden to blow up Texas, or that Iraqis are a security threat to America. And not unjust American blowhards like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbo (although I’m wavering when it comes to them, who really should read this suicide article and suffer the consequences). Even if you’re a dual-citizen American whose true loyalty is to Israel, like Paul Wolfowitz or (in spirit at least) Judy Miller, I beg of you, don’t read this article!

Especially if you’re an American agent of the CIA, US Marines, Department of Justice or Homeland Security, for God’s sake, don’t keep reading this article. It’s a suicide article. It’s worse than a sick joke that’s about to bomb; it’s a weapon of mass media destruction.

You’re doing it anyway, of course, because its poison is already taking effect, and now you want to know, why did he aim his suicide article at me?

Simple. Because I hate Americans. And because, right now, I have the upper hand, which means, I can.

What’s so dangerous about this article anyway, you calmly inquire, in your state of denial?

Beware, I say: every word in this suicide article is infected with a virulent strain of anti-Americanism that seeps into your consciousness and saps your will power, just like fluoride saps your sexual prowess. Worse than that, once infected, you involuntarily spread the virus to every other American you come in contact with. Not only that, the virus works, like guilt, through mere association. It’s an information virus, and by reading this article, you infuse every smudge of ink that forms every letter in every word in every American newspaper, book, magazine and Internet image,–and thus you infect everyone else who reads anything American. By merely watching a Hollywood movie at home on DVD, or listening to an American radio show, you spread the virus to every other Amerian who has ever watched a movie or listened to the radio.

It works by telekinesis too: by looking at one Coca-Cola sign, you infect with anti-Americanism every individual who reads any Madison Avenue advertisement for any refreshing beverage in the world–in perpetuity. Even American-made depleted uranium bombs are spreading anti-American atomic particles, just because you read this article.

I warned you not to do it, but you did, and now, without realizing it, you’ve become suicidal, as well as anti-American. Soon you will become The Unspeakable Truth. As your immune system fails, you will no longer be able to live with yourself. Your skin will turn dark (if it already is, it will just get darker). Like Condoleezza Rice, you will cease to feel remorse, and like Colin Powell, you will repeat whatever you are told to say. (“Yes, Massah! Dem big ceegars you smokin’ is slow suicide bombs too!”)

In a moment you will know what it’s like to be a Palestinian suicide bomber, an Iraqi resistance fighter in Fallujah taking pot shots at US Marines (or burying his dead children in the soccer stadium), or a member of (gasp) al-Queda! In a spiritual sense you are already dead, or as good as dead. At best you are no longer alive. I have taken your life and sent your ghost to a training camp in Afghanistan.1 Your ghost is dark-skinned, and emaciated from years of UN economic sanctions applied at the insistence of the US. You and your family live in Stone-Age poverty without medical attention. You are full of disease, and it hardly matters to you whether you live or die.

You’re already dead, and your troubled ghost wants to die. But first, because you read this article, it wants to kill Americans.

To put it in terms any American can understand, you’re ghost is on a Columbine High.

The Hundred-To-One Rule (or why Bush ain’t to blame)

America’s use of indiscriminate, overwhelming firepower to kill and maim 600 elderly men, and women and children of all ages in Fallujah (no photos of the mangled babies, please) in retaliation for the murder and mutilation of four American “contractors (but do show their crispy corpses, please), is a stark example of the Hundred-to-One Rule the Gestapo made popular in its occupied territories in the Second World War.

It was a simple rule, and when it was enforced, it made the Gestapo, and all good and patritotic Germans, feel very good about their superior selves. They knew they were in control of the situation when they could round up a hundred civilians and kill them anytime a Gestapo agent was killed by the Resistance.2

Gestapo agent Klaus Barbie happily enforced the Hundred-To-One Rule. He was the type of guy the American’s could relate to and, after the war, US military intelligence hired him to enforce the Hundred-to-One Rule against the Communists who’d been in the French Resistance; then the CIA shuffled him off to Bolivia, where he prospered by manufacturing the quinine that was used to cut the narcotics that shot up the noses and through the veins of a million pacified Americans.

The US Marine Corps’ massive war crime of the indiscriminate murder of over 600 innocent civilians in Fallujah has made terrorized, enraged Americans feel much better good about themselves too. On Easter Sunday, George W. Bush told soldiers at Fort Hood that he knew was doing the “right thing.”

As Hitler and the Gestapo, and Bush and the CIA know, the Hundred-to-One Rule doesn’t terrorize the Resistance into submission, it merely terrorizes the into submission the civilian population in which the Resistance exists. And often, as in France and Iraq, that’s good enough. Until some mythic, liberating outside force comes along, the Hundred-to-One Rule is enough to ensure control in the occupied territories, while winning popular support at home.

In this respect, America’s illegal invasion and brutal occupation of Iraq is much more analogous to the Nazi’s invasion and conquest of France, than it is to the Vietnam War. Even the Big Lie language is similar. As Donald Rumsfeld said about the up-rising in Fallujah that spread to the huge CIA detention and torture center at Abu Ghoryab: “It’s a test of will.”

Klaus Barbie had the will, and so does Rummy. G. Gordon Liddy, the certified psychopath in the Nixon regime, had the will too: on 13 June 1971 he assembled a number of Nixon’s most ardent staffers, including Robert Mardian from the Justice Department’s Internal Security Division, and showed them the Nazi propaganda film, “Triumph of the Will.” Made in the Jerry Bruckheimer manner, this boom-and-bang movie, commissioned by Nazi propaganda minister Herman Goering, was a visual training manual for any government that wanted to drive a “national will” into its citizens through terror and outrage.

Having viewed “Triumph of the Will,” the Nixon gang galvanized into action. National Security Advisor (and dual citizen) Henry Kissinger, having already bombed Cambodia back into the Stone Age, bombed Hanoi at Christmas to ensure a peaceful withdrawal from Vietnam. And it worked! It was the Triumph of the Will.

Don’t believe me? Add it up: 50,000 Americans killed in Vietnam; but we killed five million of them!

“Yippee-yi-O-ki-aye!” as the say in Bush country, that part of unreconstructed Texas where they still drag Negroes behind their cars, like terrorists drag Blackwater contractors in Baghdad.

Ever since Liddy showed the Nixon/Kissinger regime “the way”, each subsequent neo-con American administration had adopted Goering methods of terrorizing the American public into a murderous frenzy in order to enforce the Hundred-to-One rule, without moral objection. On Easter Sunday, 11 April 2004, Bush said that we have to kill and maim Iraqi civilians, detain them without due process indefinitely, incommunicado in squalid prisons like Abu Ghoryab, torture them and destroy their homes, utilities and holy sites, in order to preserve our “security” and their “freedom.”

Talk about Double-Speak. Who could buy this crap?

And yet, terrorized by the propaganda they’re bombarded with by the corporate media (which is heavily invested in victory in Iraq), American soldiers and citizens believe this, even after it was proven that Bush lied when he said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was a threat to America. A big wind could have toppled Iraq after twelve years of CIA-imposed economic sanctions that drove it into poverty, disease, and degradation. But who cares? America got enraged, and enforced the Hundred-to-One Rule, and once again proved itself the Morally and Militarily Superior Force.

Four Americans dead. Six hundred Iraqi civilians dead. Amen.

Israeli President and Ace Assassin Ariel Sharon has the will, and gleefully enforces the Hundred-to-One Rule on that vanishing sub-species called the Palestinians. Like the Nazis, he calls it “collective punishment,’ but unlike the Nazis, he gets away with it, because the Palestinians, we are told, are z race of sub-human suicide bombers.

Oh, sorry, I forgot. That’s what Hitler said about the Jews – that they were sub-human. So there must be another reason why Israel gets to slaughter the Palestinians and grab their land. There has to be a logical reason why Sharon got to massacre all those innocent people at Sabra and Shattila and get elected president of Israel. Or why Kissinger was able to get away with engineering the bloody coup in Chile (where, afterwards, hooded CIA agents tortured thousands of Chilean Leftists in Santiago’soccer stadium), and bombing half of the people of Southeast Asia into oblivion, without having to face the equivalent of Nuremberg war crimes trials. And that reason is because -American and Israeli citizens have “the will.”

The Germans say they don’t have the will anymore, but given the chance, they’ll find it. Everyone who’s got the upper hand has the will. William Calley had the will at that famous cordon and search operation called the My Lai Massacre. The US Marines who massacred 600 old men, women and cildren in Fallujah got the will. CIA always got the will – ask the 10,000 administrative detainees at Abu Ghoryab prison.

Say it out loud, “All God’s children got the will!”

Requiem for America

Now you’ve gone and done it. By reading this article, you’ve killed America. You’ve spread anti-Americanism throughout the land, with the result that every American (even those with dual Israeli citizenship) has committed suicide, and America is no more. It is deceased. It desists to be. Even President Bush, having gone mad with limitless power, is defunct.

But take heart, dear President Bush. It was not your fault. It was the fault of the Americans who did nothing to stop you.

And dear Americans: just say what the Germans say when someone asks them how they could have stood by and watch Hitler do what he did.

Say it was fun while it lasted.

DOUGLAS VALENTINE is the author of The Hotel Tacloban, The Phoenix Program, and TDY. His fourth book, The Strength of the Wolf: The Federal Bureau of Narcotics, 1930-1968, will be published in May 2004 by Verso. For information about Mr. Valentine, and his books and articles, please visit his websites at and

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Douglas Valentine is the author of The Strength of the Wolf: The Secret History of America’s War on Drugs, and The Strength of the Pack: The Personalities, Politics, and Espionage Intrigues that Shaped the DEA.