April 2004

Iraq, the US and an Old Lesson

Congressman Know-Nothing

The Dirty Work of Canadian Intelligence

We Are the Barbarians

Flag-Draped Coffins and the Seattle Times

Rwanda and the F***** Word

Seeking the Evil One

The War Comes Home

A CNN/CIA Scenario

Advancing Theories

An Appointment of Shock and Awe

The Colombia Three Acquitted

Terrorist Threats and Political Gain

The Day I Was Asked to Feed an Elephant

The Empire in Denial and the Denial of Empire

The Empire in Denial and the Denial of Empire

British Military Resisting Call for More Forces to Aid Americans in Iraq

Protest, Rebellion, Commitment: Then and Now

The US May Take the Place of the USSR as the Latest Failed Superpower

US Troops Threaten to Enter Najaf

Vanunu and the Terrible Secret

Anarchy in Our Souls

Inspired by Pat Tillman?

Lies, Lies and More Lies

Bremer’s De-De-Ba’athification Gambit