The Boobs & Body Parts Fairness Campaign

To the Members of the Federal Communications Commission:

I wholly agree that an inquiry into the carefully-rehearsed, staged exposure of Janet Jackson’s surgically-enhanced cleavage is of the highest priority for the FCC. In fact, the bluenoses at the Justice Department should impose a heightened alert setting–perhaps Code Red–over this catastrophe.

The horrifying principal evidence in this priority investigation should be played, replayed, and yes, replayed again on all networks for weeks to come, so that the public will know fully of this threat to our grave national insecurity over sex. I certainly wish the Federal Communications Commission well in its quest to finally cleanse our privatized, media-concentrated airwaves of every disgusting hint at the existence of warmth, intimacy and the nonviolent exchange of love between the genders.

But your efforts must go farther, and that’s why I’m writing. I’m making a plea on behalf of increased TV coverage for other parts of the body–specifically, the shredded, mangled, pulped, bloodied, detached limbs and heads of U.S. troops that continue to spew from the dozens of bloody bombings, mortar and rocket attacks in Iraq. These violent detachments and decapitations are never aired. Perhaps a concerted FCC effort toward the showing of fewer tits and more body bits would help address the FCC’s twin goals of affording the media-consuming American public more choices, even as it diverts their minds from acting upon their dirty-minded sexual proclivities.

And so, I’m demanding as urgent an investigation into the chronic absence of gaping, bloody, hamburgerized limbs and skulls from our TV screens, as has been undertaken into the presence of Janet Jackson’s boob on those same screens. To assist the FCC, I’m placing the full resources of my “Boobs and Body Parts Fairness Campaign” at your disposal so that we might get to the bottom (oops, apologies, no sexual innuendo intended) of this remarkable discrepancy.

Please help: a Red Alert may hang in the balance.

TERRY LODGE is a lawyer in Toledo, Ohio. He can be reached at: tjlodge50@yahoo.com


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