January 2004

Inside the DA’s Office

Disabled Vets Fire Back at Rumsfeld

Dean Hits the Demagoguery Pedal…Hard

This War is Unwinnable

The Fallout from NAFTA

Israeli Refusniks Sentenced to Jail

The Death of José Couso in Baghdad

Bush: Driving Without Breaks

Pat, George and the Supreme Creator

Dean and His Democratic Detractors

Planet Chomsky in the Times

Word of the Year for 2003

The Bush Administration’s Ongoing Intelligence Problem

How Hospitals are Gouging and Even Arresting the Uninsured

The 10th Anniversary of the Zapatista Uprising

Drugs in Uniform

Leave Iraq? Hell No, We Won’t Go!

A Cheesehead’s Musings on the Sunday NYT

A Record to Dissent From

Frum’s New Neo-Con Manifesto

The Politics of the Iranian Earthquake

MoveOn Shouldn’t Apologize for Those Ads

Coffee and State Authority in Colombia

Anthropological Notes on Occupation

Rebuild Baghdad; Rebuild Ourselves