January 2004

Food Poisoning as Background Noise

How to Destroy Democracy

The Clash of Absurdities

Population International on Violent Conflict

A Review of Revolution in the Air

So. Cal Grocery Strikers Speak Out

A Batch of TCNs

An Interview with Benny Morris

Genocide Hides Behind Expulsion

More Thoughts from the 4th Generation War Seminar

Michael Moore Smears Kucinich

Whitey on the Moon

Random Thoughts on the Bam Earthquake and Satan

Reality Disappears Down the Spider Hole

Your State of the Union Address

President from Podunk Drilling, Inc.

Bush, Oil & Iraq: Some Truth at Last

Amputating the Bill of Rights

The Rummy/Wolfowitz War Letters

A Straw Poll in Suburban Pennsylvania Spells Trouble for Beltway Democrats & Dean

To Write Off the South is to Surrender to Bigots

How 2004 Looks from Potsdam

The Prisoner and the Presidents

No Nuts in Iraq

Outside the Spectacle