2003 Almaniac

Though the use of almanacs may be perfectly innocent,
be on the alert for inordinate people carrying almanacs
if they are suspiciously annotated or X’d in sharpie
combined with suspicious behavior–e.g. looking at things

The Bureau is urging you to report users of almanacs
to the local U.S. Joint Terrorism Task Force.

And in the meanest erstwhile: If a terrorist group
were to claim it had recently stolen 5 kg of plutonium,
authorities in the UK could not say with any certainty
that they had not taken it

A very unsatisfactory situation indeed.

Was the plutonium stolen? Why no, it simply disappeared.
Seeminly we can’t find our own weapons of mass destruction
shuffling from one department nightmare to the next –
Price Waterhouse needs to take charge!

Just scratching the surface fiasco are
badly needed supplies being sent to Iran,
supplies handily sitting in Jordan awaiting
hordes of Iraqi refugees that never arrived

Following the preemptive tactics of the day
democracy came a knockin’ on Saddam’s door
“the anticipated migration just didn’t happen,”
as so many anticipated things just didn’t happen

The search and research for weapons of mass destruction
and the many labs filled with ready to use bio toxins
simply were not there to be found as anticipated
while the world waited in false anticipation

If only Price Waterhouse would intervene,
tally up the botched ‘anticipations’ before and after
compared to the preemptively correct ‘anticipations’
leading to the current state of “not” rebuilding Iraq

Saddam is said to have given up his account numbers
to the tune of 40 billion dollars–all of which will be
“given back to Iraq”–after payments through the nose
for the ‘anticipations’ that just didn’t happen

“Envelope please….
(pause in anticipation)
and the loser is,
the American tax payer!”

HAMMOND GUTHRIE is the author of AsEverWas: Memoirs of a Beat Survivor. He is the editor of the great online journal The 3rd Page. He can be reached at: writenow@spiritone.com