January 2004

Cuba High on Neo-Con Hit List

How Many People Will Die Because of This "Mistake", Senator Kerry?

The War in the Woods: Resistance is Fertile

Hutton Whitewash Leaves Blair in the Dock

Child Abuse at Guantanamo

The David Kay Report

A Tale of Two "Employees"…Oops…Make That "Workers"

Homeland Security and "Legalized" Immigration

John Ehrlichman, Environmentalist

Bush Calls for Preemptive Attack on Mars & Moon; Cites Evidence of WMD

New Hampshire vs. Iraq

The State of the Media Union

Bearing Witness Against Teachers of Torture and Assassination

Does New Hampshire Mean Anything? Nervous Dems Beg Nader Not to Run

"We’re All Lied To"

Racism 101 All Over Again

General Disorders of the Day

Blood, Soil and Art

Can George Ever Really Be Elected President?

My Exchange with CNN’s Aaron Brown

Hot Coals in Vermont

Leak Against This War

Kerry’s Drug War Zealot

Grounds for Optimism?

"Our Day Has Come"

State of the Conservative Union

Signs of Hope in Guatemala

Robert McNamara 10, Errol Morris 0

The Birdwatcher Menace

Dead Rover, Dead Rover

Anti-Semitism vs. Anti-Zionism

A New Strategy to Reverse Labor’s Decline?

Water: Public Good or Private Gain?

Humility or More Hyperbole?

The Stalin Moment of America’s Nomenklatura

From Correction to Retribution

How a Theology of "Free Markets" Destroyed the Party and Brought Calamity the the Nation

Media Collusion in Colombia’s War

Population International on Violent Conflict

Lerner, Said and the Palestinians

Vietnam and Iraq

Food Poisoning as Background Noise

The Clash of Absurdities

How to Destroy Democracy

Imagining MLK Jr at 75

The Use and Abuse of Martin Luther King Jr. by Israel’s Apologists

Inside America’s Most Dangerous Nuclear Power Plant

Introducing Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan

Rupert Murdoch and My Sister

Arnold and Bush’s Numbers Don’t Add Up