December 2003

Hail Jim Hickey, "Irish Hero" of the Colonial Occupation of Iraq

Duryodhana Dies

Catfish Blues

"Don’t Think About the Children"

Saddam’s Cold Comforts

Is Saddam’s Arrest a Pyhrric Victory?

Saddam’s Last Act

America’s Best Political Newsletter

Saddam in Irons

Getting Saddam, 15 Years Too Late

The Democrats and Saddam

Matt Gonzalez and Me

The Strange Case of Katharine Gun

The Saddam Dilemma

The Capture of Saddam

Jessica Lynch, Plural

An Interview with Sami Al-Deeb on the Geneva Accords

They Died for Halliburton

On Getting Stabbed

The Trial of Saddam

Joy to the World

Breastfeeding Compromised

The Saga of Iran’s Alleged WMD

The Pervasive Fear of Talking About the Israeli Connection

Hiding the Dead Babies