Another Colorful Season


Orange is the color for the holiday alert,
just before Red, the color of dread, but
continue living normally this hopeful season–
though the days are potentially terrified

Colorful Orange is the codeful background
for Silent Night car searching and valeting
Holiday Airport Homeland Security stand-by–
Santa’s locked and loaded little helpers

American guardians causing indivisible
traffic jams showing Osama the Bad Santa
their not just fooling around with chaos–
directions will inevitably to be delayed.

HAMMOND GUTHRIE is the author of AsEverWas: Memoirs of a Beat Survivor. He is the editor of the great online journal The 3rd Page. He can be reached at:

Stew Albert runs the Yippie Reading Room. His memoir, Who the Hell is Stew Albert?, is forthcoming from Red Hen Press. He can be reached at:

© 2003– HAMMOND GUTHRIE & Stew Albert