November 2003

Iraq Now

Media Clash in Brazil

The Words of War

Moussaoui and the Hidden Detainees

Visions of Concrete

An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq

Iraq War and Contempt for Democracy

Las Adelitas 2003, Mexican-American Women in Iraq

Ya’alon’s 70 Virgins

The Sixties’ Most Unforgiving Film

Voiding the Palestinians

Bush Puts Out a Contract on the Spotted Owl

Post-Machine Gun Tactics


an Interview with Sam Smith, publisher of the Progressive Review

Pandering to Anti-Castro Hardliners


Homeland Security Goes Prime Time

Confronting the Evangelical Imperialists

George Foreman and John Carlos, a Tale of Two Survivors

Does William Safire Need Mental Help?

Is Anyone Telling the Truth in the Bush Administration?

Veterans for Peace Yanked from Veterans Day Parade

Bush’s Brand of Leadership

Blue Light

Owed to the Confederate Dead

Logical Conclusions

Howard Dean’s Folly

the Ben Artzi Verdict


The California Grocery Workers Strike

Facility 1391, Israel’s Guantanamo

My Cambodian Moment on Iraq

Born on Veteran’s Day

Unsolicited Advice

Honoring Real Vets; Remembering Real War

George Bush, You Can Run But You Can Hide

The Invisible Man Resigns

The Supremes and Guantanamo

Imperialism Starts at Home, an Interview with Stan Goff

The White House Attack on the Troops

Osama Phones Home


Jessice Lynch and Saving American Decency

Was Steve McNair’s Cousin Lynched?

Forty Years of Lies, the Warren Commission Revisited

Bush, Blood-thirsty Christians, Homophobes and People Who Don’t Use Their Blinkers

Call Him Al

edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair

Israel’s New War Machine Opens the Abyss