October 2003

Latin America’s Archives of Terror

Americans and the Middle East

the Demographics of American Jews

Bush is the Button

Ashcroft’s War on Greenpeace

Northern Ireland

Cover Up of the Attack on the Liberty

Israel’s Attack on the Liberty, Revisited

Criticizing Zionism is Forbidden

edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair

A Memo


the Future of the Anti-War Movement

A General Theory of Theology

Legislators and Women’s Bodies

There is No Civilizing the Death Penalty

Holding Leaders Accountable for Lies

An Interview with Tariq Ali

The New Morality of Capitalism

Religious Insanity Runs Rampant

The Fundamentalist General

The Beilin Agreement

On the Bicentennial of the Hanging of Thomas Russell

A Human Chain for Peace in Ann Arbor

War Dispatch from the NYT