September 2003

High Tech Heroin

Brazilian Land Reform Offers Hope

In Defense of the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions

Bush’s War on Wages

Exile at Gunpoint

The Iraq Wreck

The Dialectics of Terror

They Aren’t "Farm Subsidies", But Corporate Welfare!

Imperial Sociopaths

Powell in Baghdad

Hurricane Isabel and Homeland Security

A Hail of Bullets, A Trail of Dead

Assassinating Arafat

It Was the Oil and It Is Like Vietnam

Reflections on Johnny Cash and One of His Biggest Fans

Does George Bush Cry?

Celling Out the Alarm

We Are Winning

A Message to the People of New York City

The Troublesome Bill of Rights

Adios, Johnny Cash

The Matrix of Ignorance

Making Mesopotamia a Terrorist Magnet

WTO Kills Farmers


A Modest Proposal for the Pentagon

The Supremes, Juries and the Death Penalty

Minstrel Show

Blank Check Military

Up to a Point, Lord Rumsfeld

British Entrance Exams

Driving in No Direction (with a Glimpse of Johnny Cash)

Bush at Quantico

Protest and Death in Cancun

The First Two Years of Insanity

Ninth Circle of Shell

A Parable for Cancun

Anatomy of a Swindle

Friendly Fire Will Doom the Occupation

Ending America as We Know It

The Trial of the Bogota Three

Remembering Ronnie Rayguns’ Morning in America

The Meaning of September 11

FarmAid Rocks Corporate Ag

The Death Train of the WTO

Issam Nashashibi

State Terrorism and September 11, 1973 and 2003

the Chilean Coup

A Grandiose Folly

Postcards to the President