(Dis) Intelligence Revisited


(CP –June 7th, 2003)

Contra(pre)dictions become accurate and true
within secret reports of distorted information
exaggerating pre-war WMD threats
determining what is missing
from where nothing has been found.

How to deal with what’s left of it?

Rendered safe and free and now
after 1,400 inspectors landed in Iraq
seeking ground zero intelligence on the
preemptive reasons for going to war
which exist because they cannot be found.


(CP –July 17th, 2003)

Threatening (dis)intelligence has been found
(hiding in plain sight –just read his lips!),
superficially embedded within preemptive syntax
used to initiate the horror and dogtag death of war–
yet no one seems to know the origin of the words.

Has anything honestly been found?

The CIA is requesting your trust –now
that responsibility has been re(in)stated
(un)deniably so by “so and so” who stated
that the confirmed documentation was irresponsibly
taken from an imaginary resource unrelated to reality

Yellow cake it wasn’t –viral labs they weren’t (stop)
Exaggerated Syrian WMD’s will not be found (stop)
Over-extension at the think tank is exposed (stop).
Everything is blown! Don’t say anything!(stop)
Clean up crews are being deployed post-haste

End Transmission

HAMMOND GUTHRIE is the author of AsEverWas: Memoirs of a Beat Survivor. He is the editor of the great online journal The 3rd Page. He can be reached at: writenow@spiritone.com